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Life's Unanswered Questions

For the thinker in all of us

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Life is full of questions that seem to have no answer. Most have been clichéd and overdone by this point, but still more are cropping up every day. If you are one of those people who can really sit down and wonder which DID come first, the chicken or the egg, or where DOES that other sock go when you put it in the dryer, then this is the community for you. Here, you can post questions that struck you as interesting, and hear what other people have to say about it. Maybe you'll find someone else who supports your belief that the reason your computer crashes the night before a major assignment is due is because of the tiny aliens that live inside it. Who knows?

~Keep it PG please: sexual innuendo is so much more fun than blatant pornography ;)
~Use common sense and good judgment. Don't post something for the sake of causing trouble.
~Advertising is fine as long as you can prove why it's on topic (and so long as it isn't excessive).
~Don't bash other members, and don't start any needless drama.
~Try to put long questions and/or pictures behind an lj-cut so as not to tie up everyone's flists :)
~Please remember that this community was not created for the purpose of giving advice. This is merely a fun community where you can post interesting, or insightful questions as to life's mysteries. If you are searching for advice, another community may be a more suitable place to ask your questions.

Other than that, enjoy yourself! Ponder the real reason why cats always land on their feet, or why toast lands butter side down.

Or perhaps you can think of something less cliché for me :)